Jalan-jalan ke Bandung September 2012

Jalan-jalan ke Bandung September 2012 

Nikmati karangan bahasa Inggeris saya versi darjah 2...

Kali ini saya akan berkongsi trip saya ke bandung indonesia a few days ago. It is a last minutes planning. On 2th sept i booked the tickets and we fly on 25th sept 2012. The trip is for 3 days.

1st day

So on 25th, me, my sister and my brother in law, wake up early in the morning to catch the air asia flight at LCCT at 6.45 am. Thus we reach lcct at 5.30am. After 2 hours we reached hussien sastranegara international airport bandung at 8.30am indonesia time. After a long queue of custome checked we took a taxi to hyatt hotel to meet my friends. Actually our booked hotel is Aston braga hotel and redidence which i booked by using booking.com web site. The room we booked is two room apartment with kitchen and dining area at 15th floor. This website offered the best price rather than asia rooms.com and agoda.com . Because we will check in at 12 noon, so we just make a move to Hyatt first and enjoy the breakfast there as i paid for the registration at one of the  conference. After that we went to the matahari mall next to hyatt hotel. I love matahari coz they offered good prices and have their own indonesian brands. The clothes line is good in quality and prices. Matahari mall is like eon in Malaysia. After the window shopping we took a taxi to aston. Done with checked in and solat in hotel room we went to Pasar Baru. We took an "angkut kota" to pasar baru which cost us 6000 rupiah. Pasar baru is the famous public mall in bandung. There are a lots of peniaga jalanan that will come and offer you many stuff to buy like bags, toys, souvenirs and many more. All the stuffs in pasar baru we can bargain, and if we are lucky enough we can get " harga pas". In this market we can find a lots of malaysian who "belanja" like milionnaire, hehehe.Pasar baru most popular with lace textiles, batik sarung, bags and ready to wear clothes like blouse, cardigan and so on. We had lunch at floor 6 and we "kena ketuk" by the waiter. Takperlah rezki diorang. After spent like a millionaire we felt so tired and hope to get an angkutkota again to go back to hotel, howevet because of peak time, the roads is so crowded with the people who want to go home too.So we decided to walk to our hotel. Then at night we had our dinner at " braga walk"  restaurant. We had western food at reasonable price and large portion. At braga walk we can find a lots of restaurants and cafe that open till late night and early morning. The best part of bandung is the "wi fi" area is a lots and they are "gratis". You can ask the waiter/waitress for password.

2nd day
In Aston you can enjoy cinema and kareoke till early morning. Because im not the type of “penonton wayang tegar” and karaoke we decided to have an early sleep and to rest after a hectic day. After had our breakfast, we hired the best supir (most recommended) we start our day to pusing bandung city. At 10am we went to firsy factory outlet amani fo. In bandung we can find a lots of FO. They open till 10pm. We went up to 12 FOs. The best is The secret. If you are jeans/denim lover you will love Cressida Jeans FO At TOko 3. We had lunch at this padang restaurant. The strange or unique of this restaurant that they will serve you with all the menus on the table and they will charged us with what we usik or eat only. Thus that day we are served with more than 20small plates with varieties of menu. We had kulit lembu gulai, petai ikan bilis sambal, gulai keladi, ayam gulai, sambal jering, sambal capsicum and timun. The teh o is free/gratis. At evening we went to small factory of kain sulam an hour from bandung city. Pak supir recommended us to this place. Then at night we just had nasi goreng at karamba cafe. After had dinner we went to lemongrass spa to have a spa treat. This is the best spa in bandung, even dato ct also went there to have reflexsology treatment a few months ago. Aftet had the traditional massage we wrnt to hotel. End of 2nd day.

Enjoy the photo.

Our apartment

Bandung View from 15th Floor

Pasar Baru-6th Floor

Amani Factory Outlet

                                            Anakecil FO

This is the menu that we selected to eat....yang lain letak tepi daaa

Secondhand Bookstall

                                     Kain Pasang with sequin

Zia Anis


  1. Salam, memang menarik blog Zia nie, di tambah pula, kami akan pergi ke sana next week, apa maksud Zia berkenaan 'kena ketuk' dengan waiter disana? kena tipu ke? harga t-shirt putih yang ditunjukkan dalam gambar tue di bandung berapa Rupiah?

  2. salam. kami kene tipu skit sebab waiter disana adalah yang tak diupah oleh pengusaha restoran. Jadi sebelum order makanan, tanya dulu set nya ada apa? dan berapa harganya. kami tak sempat bertanya sebb keadaan memang ribut, bygkan ada 6-7 orang waiters datang untuk mengambil pesanan. untuk mkn tghari 3org sy byr hmpir RM75. T shirt awak beli di tingkat 2rasanya dah lupa plak. harganya Rm7 sehelai. fridge magnet juga murah disitu. jangan beli di jalanan atau yang dijaja. have nice trip ya.

  3. tidak lengkap lah tak singgah di Sumedang, the other best place at bandung :D if you came again don't forget to come to Sumedang :D

  4. Salam kenal Mba, lengkap deh reviewnya :)
    Just share info, ada blog competition nih, nge-Blog traveling skaligus dapat hadiah, total hadiah 12 juta ;) Bisa cek langsung ya ke link berikut bit.ly/11IwgXv, ikutan yuk...

  5. Bandung emang juara kalo ngomongin wisata kuliner dan belanja, tapi gak kalah seru main di Trans Studio Bandung, tempat paling favorite deh pokoknya, wajib coba kalo main ke bandung

  6. Salam..
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