Jalan-jalan Bandung Part 2


Sambung dengan ceritera Bandung.

On 3rd day we went to Pasar Baru again and shop till noon. Then we went to Lemongrass spa again coz they offered happy hours promotion with cheaper price from 10am to 2pm. This time we took 1.5 hours spa treatment to kill the time before we catch the flight to go home. Then after that we went to Pasar baru again to buy any last minute grab such as souvenir and Bandung T-shirts. Then we went to the airport. After check in, we had our lunch+dinner at lounge. The food is nice and taste more like malaysian food. We did jamak takhir at the lounge as the flight delayed coz of heavy rain at Bandung city. Then we touched down at LCCT at 11.30 pm. And we got charged by the malaysian custom. It is fair coz we brought 3 big bags hasil shopping . Then we reached home safely at 1.30 am. Licin  duit even to pay the tol pun guna syiling. Huhuhu. Alhamdulilah for the nice trip..next time boleh pergi lagi. Sapa ada pengalaman pi Vietnam? Teringin ke Vietnam plak.

Tips and conclusion.

-Bandung is the best place to shop. If you are planning to go for a relax trip better you book a place at mountain or bukit in bandung coz they have the cool place like Cameron highland.

-Book the flight and the hotel earlier so that we can get best price.

-Use supir rather than taxi coz taxi will cost more. Contact me for the phone no. of the supir. He also can book the hotel for you too.

-Choose the best and affordable restaurant to dine in to prevent diarhea. Alhamdulilah we didn't get diaarhea.

-Activate your credit or debit card earlier so that we can use them to reduce the amount of juta rupiah yang dibawa.

-If you are planning to stay more than 3 days,it is better to buy a sim card to reduce your phone bill.
- Dont forget to put aside Rupiah 75,000 as a airport tax. Compulsory.

-Finally banyakkan berdoa dipermudahkan perjalanan. 
- Dont forget to solat anywhere we go. Pesanan untuk saya dan kita semua.

Ok enjoy the photos.

The interior is 5star...

Eat nasi goreng here..

Our Catch...

We did the treatment at bilik tertutup..not this one...hehehhe

The Spa

Zia Anis


  1. Salam..saya nak minta nombor telefon supir cik tu boleh tak?email: sheepy_acai29@yahoo.com..terima kasih byk2

  2. Saya sekarang di jeman.jadi semua no dan kad business tinggal di rumah di KL...InsyaAllah saya akan minta kakak saya carikan kad supirnya...

  3. sy br lps pg bandung. mg best utk kaki shopping. nk pg lg sbb x puas shopping n bwk family plak. insya Allah

    1. Cuba pi vietnam plak, orang kata best!


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